Beroni Foods

Launch of a new fresh frozen FMCG brand

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This innovative fresh-frozen food producer required branding and packaging for their new pasta range, in record time. And all during a pandemic Lockdown too. As big pasta fans, we took this in our stride. Their first supermarket listing has been achieved from January 2021, in just 6 months of initial design concepts. 

Beroni Packaging Mock Up Range OCT20.png


With lives busier and more fragmented than ever, we are increasingly looking for quick meal solutions, with 'speed to prepare' being a key consideration for shoppers when buying pasta. 

According to Kantar, Brits spent £533.9m on dried pasta in the 52 weeks to 6 September 2020. That’s 15.3% more than the previous year.


Beroni pasta can be cooked from frozen in boiling water in only 30 seconds; or microwaved or pan and wok-fried in under 3 minutes. 

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Beroni Logos.png


We needed to merge our 'speed' message with the reassurance of quality. Step one was to work closely with Bridgethorne on a new brand identity for Beroni. Designed to embody the food heritage of its parent company, that has long produced frozen cooked pasta for the restaurant trade across the world. It's genuinely, "Restaurant Quality".


Our beautiful new packaging's key aim was to communicate the product's speed and ease of use ~ in the crowded frozen aisle.


We also created a toolkit of brand elements for individual markets and distributors to use for maximum results.

Fusilli, penne and macaroni

Beroni frozen pasta comes in three SKUs: penne, fusilli and macaroni. 


Manufactured in the UK, it's made from 100% durum wheat and water, it's vegan and contains no preservatives or additives. The fresh dough is shaped into penne, fusilli or macaroni formats before being cooked ‘al dente’ then immediately frozen to preserve its freshness.

Beroni Start.png
Beroni Digital.png

A digital presence

The brand needed a presence online to help communicate positioning and strengths for its launch. We created a scalable digital platform that articulates the ethos of the brand.


Exciting developments are in the pipeline to include social media activity and beyond.

Food photography & styling

The frozen pasta product needed to looks its very delicious best. Both when fully dressed, in the form of simple cooked recipes, as well as freshly made and precariously balancing on a fork.