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Getting Parents to Change how they view Kids' Dental Hygiene

Having launched ten years ago, Brush-Baby had enormous success with their baby and kids oral care range. But with 1 in 4 under 5’s visiting the dentist with preventable problems, there was still a massive awareness job to do.



Our aim was to bring more emotion to what traditionally is a highly standardised market, and ultimately draw attention to something parents tend not to prioritise. By transforming their communication from rational based messaging to a far more engaging emotional journey, we got parents onboard, and by putting fun into the process, we hooked kids in too.



‘With you every smile of the way’ became our brand purpose, as we took our audience on a journey from gum care right through to grown-up teeth. Our new photography helped bring the emotion out of their products, and our carefully segmented social and digital campaign helped engage mums, dads and grandparents too. We didn’t just focus on reach, we even helped increase frequency with their rewards club ‘Smilestones’.

We created an automated email campaign, that contacted parents with relevant messages/offers at various stages of their child’s development – e.g. first tooth. By using 'emoji' characters in our CRM email campaign it meant we can personalise the content while appealing visually to a broad and diverse range of parents and babies, while taking them on a journey from gums to grown-up teeth!

We used micro-influencers to reach traditionally hard-to-reach audiences as well as being able to speak directly to same-sex couples, single parents and even multi-birth mums.

Our social content keeps parents engaged in conversation with the brand, but also the product at the heart of the narrative and in sync with the commercial strategy.

Oh, and we even created brand ambassadors with extremely important company roles...

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