Condor Ferries

The Ultimate Staycation

Campaign Planning
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Our summer campaign for Condor required new thinking, new audience planning and new creative to re-ignite a difficult year for travel.

Staying Agile and On Trend

Produced remotely and completely in-house in just 10 days - our integrated social content, radio, display, email and website campaign aimed to capture the pent up demand in staycations as the Channel Islands opened up their borders.


Ferry travel not only means you can take all of your new ‘lockdown hobby’ equipment with you, but travelling by sea feels like a real adventure, something we’ve all been lacking in recent months!

The Insight

The massive increase in demand means staycations needed to be central to the content and campaign narrative. However, this isn’t just any old staycation. This is an adventure by sea. Jersey is one of the warmest parts of the UK, and like nowhere else in Britain. Add to that the fact there is still availability, unlike a huge chunk of the mainland staycation market, and it really is a great proposition.

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Best UK Holidays

UK Ferries’ was seeing higher volume than anytime over the past 5 years as people look for safe alternatives to flying – and with wide open spaces, fresh sea air and practical social distance measures in place, Condor Ferries has a reassuring story to tell.


Not only is Jersey an amazing destination, but by travelling by sea you can take all your kit with you - and since lockdown there has been an explosion in people buying bikes, boards and outdoor gear. Having not had much to shout about, there will be a large audience looking for ‘social currency’, which we can see in search for ’best UK holidays’ - with travelling by sea, and the feeling of a more exotic staycation option - this helps create a package like nothing else. This all lends itself to a more aspirational and confident campaign narrative.