When it comes to work with finance brands,

we're always on the money

From taking Amigo Loans from a start-up that nobody had heard of to being listed on the FTSE 150, to giving leading insurance company Ageas greater cut-through - we have a remarkable track-record in the finance sector.

Promis Life Insurance


From launching the Promis Life brand,  to creating several highly effective TV and Direct Marketing campaigns, we've helped cement the Promis Life brand as an essential funeral and life insurance provider.

Our most recent campaign featured the brand's new ambassador Debbie McGee.

Amigo-Loans TV Digital Strategy and Crea

Amigo Loans​


We created the Amigo loans brand, and took them all the way to being a £1 billion business.

We came up with the Amigo Loans brand name (originally FLM Loans) to help them feel more approachable, we designed the logo and got them on TV for the first time to help create broad reach and awareness.


Until recently we were their go-to agency for strategic guidance too, helping to keep them innovative and creative.

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Borro is an online asset based lender, and its business model is a million miles away from the world of high-street pawnbrokers. But in order to grow, and attract the high net worth customers they required, they had to shake off any negative connotations.


Our ‘changing the word borrow for good’ TV campaign capitalised on the spelling of the name to help recall, and positioned Borro as a mainstream alternative to going to the bank.​ The brand has achieved exceptional growth, and we're proud to have been with the finance company from the start!



Liberis are an innovative, game-changing company but they needed a brand identity to match.


We crafted a complete brand guidelines, from positioning, values and strategy to typography, photography and iconography.


As well as this, we've created an integrated campaign website, with bespoke CMS developed in house. Built for multiple devices. This has helped the fin-tech company continue on their journey of growth and investment!

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Simplyhealth help to make healthcare accessible and affordable. However, there was a distinct lack of awareness and understanding of the Simplyhealth brand, and the product itself.

We created a fully integrated campaign ecosystem to get consumers to see that 'it pays to stay healthy', and encourage them to get the treatment they need before it gets worse.


This was successfully executed through a range of adverts for TV/VOD, closely supported by bespoke landing pages, online videos, sequential display - helping to build the Simplyhealth brand in people's minds, and healthy hearts!



We are a key agency partner with Ageas strategically and digitally. We help the Ageas brand make insurance easy and straightforward for consumers. As one of the largest car and home insurers in the UK, our brand work has helped Ageas standout in an increasingly price-driven and cluttered market.




Our wealth of experience in direct response comms, direct marketing and the insurance category makes us a perfect partner for the Rias brand. As a leading over 50's insurer, we help them to standout and reach their key audience efficiently and cost-effectively.

Policy Expert


Policy Expert pride themselves on being the experts in insurance, and as we're the experts in insurance advertising and branding - it's a match made in heaven! We've been a key strategic, digital, print and creative partner with Policy Expert since 2014.

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