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GP Batteries

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About Batteries

Every year the UK is estimated to throw away over 600 million batteries. Not only is that putting a huge strain on our capacity for waste, but batteries leak harmful substances into the environment, therefore threatening our delicate ecosystem.



We were challenged by GP batteries, with educating the outdoor industry and consumers of the importance of recycling batteries, and the environmental and cost benefits of switching to rechargeables - which can be re-charged up to 1500 times! 


Our creative was simple, offering a huge opportunity for an emotionally-led narrative. However, we realised this message needed some big backing, so we wanted the country’s biggest outdoor brands and retailers to commit to only stocking rechargeable batteries. Difficult, knowing the larger margin on conventional batteries. We started with multiple hard-hitting trade ads and the sponsorship of the Outdoor Industries Association flagship conference, including an emotionally charged video.

It's working. Brands including Millets, Cotswold Outdoors and Blacks have all jumped on board. Now we’re turning our attention to consumers, aiming to get people to take a ‘footprint pledge’ and switch to rechargeables, with social, an activation piece and dedicated microsite – so, watch this space!



We recognised the opportunity of the ‘Blue Planet effect’, and of riding the resulting colossal wave of coverage surrounding plastic waste. By packaging rechargeable batteries in the same bracket under a reduce, reuse and recycle narrative, we could develop a beautifully simple device and call to action of ‘Reduce your footprint on the world’.