influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is big business. We are experts in channeling influencer effectiveness to changing brand behaviour, turning content into sales.


We take a hands-on approach, choosing consumer relatability over brand fame. It means we can be sure exactly what the influencers will be achieving for your brand, and the narrative is far more controlled. This generates organic conversation across multiple touch-points rather than a one-off ‘forced’ narrative.


So, see how your brand could create change with influencers…

Creating conversation to gain distribution

Sweet Freedom was a relatively unknown start-up. By carefully monitoring trends and hijacking them using strategically handpicked influencers to share their ‘Sweet Creations’, our award-winning campaign transformed the brand.


By stimulating a seeded conversation we created so much demand, supermarkets could not keep their shelves stacked fast enough, with Asda having to apologise to a huge number of fans who had travelled miles to get hold of the product!

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Getting mums talking…

Too often influencers are picked on popularity rather than relatability, with brands blinded by short-term metrics. Influencer campaigns can be expensive, lack credibility and be riddled with fake reach and engagement.


That's why with Bepanthen we created our own ambassadors by teaming up with Free4you, and creating free 'influencer' sample packages with shareable milestone content - that way we stimulated organic conversation, and long-term brand salience

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Using influencers to change behaviour

We needed to convince consumers fish is great for dogs. Our ‘Switch to Fish’ campaign was born. Data and our research showed the rise in humanisation of dogs. We were also in the midst of a healthy eating boom for people. We needed to marry the two. If dog owners who see their dog as an extension of the family could relate their diet (and how they feel after eating too much meat / the benefits felt with fish), to that of their dogs - we’d be onto a winner!


Our influencer campaign got dog owners talking about the various benefits they’d seen since making the switch.

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Our art direction will make sure the influencer messaging is on brand and the content we send out will be beautifully designed too.

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