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Turning Water into Wipes

Wet Wipes have had some bad press recently – and rightly so. Wet wipes are often partly made of polyester, a form of plastic that doesn’t deteriorate like, for example, a tissue might do. This is woven together with cotton, but as a whole means wipes remain together in waterways for a long time.


Aquas are different. They are game-changing water wipes, that really are flushable, biodegradable and made of 99% water. We’ve been leading the charge for change, with our social influencer and branded Instagram activity - riding the ‘Blue Planet wave’ in building awareness, and getting consumers to make the switch.


Our handpicked influencers are everyday mums but with a ‘green’ edge. Our systematic yet authentic posting means we know exactly how to focus on the green message and keep the product at the heart without sounding overly forced and branded.

Not only are we encouraging a change in behaviour from consumers when it comes to the environment – we’re also focusing on their purity. Being 99% water they are great for your skin too! This meant we could successfully channel our message right through to point of sale and purchase.

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