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Packaging is the most fundamental extension of an fmcg brand. Not only can it drive consumer impulse in-store, but it can even create a whole branded experience, and bring to life a company’s core values.


Effective packaging is one of the best ways to stand out in any market, which is why we look to create real change, rather than follow in our design. Not only do we create beautifully crafted packaging, but we also make sure it is based on real consumer insight and behaviour, to maximise ROI.

So, see how packaging can create change...

Standing out on shelves

Sweet Freedom is a brand focussed on making healthy taste great. We've worked with the natural syrup brand over a number of years to increase their store presence (now available in most supermarkets across the UK) and to grow their social following (now sitting at over 150k). 


As part of their new look for 2019, we were tasked with breathing life into their packaging, offering consumers a more colourful product range, that really stood out on shelf and grabbed shopper’s attention.


A beacon of ‘orange optimism’

From match day belly-warmers, to al fresco date nights. Covered in ketchup, soaked in gravy or served with mushy peas. The Friday filler or a family Sunday dinner. Pukka is a chance for everyone to enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of tucking into a pie - or as we call it ‘orange optimism’.


Our packaging design wanted to clearly signpost the brand as a feel-good moment for everyone, by standing out on shelf and bringing to life the brand’s ethos of ‘be more orange’ across their range. The packaging range is also now completely plastic free!


Keeping things simple

Wet Wipes have had some bad press recently – and rightly so. Wet wipes are often partly made of polyester, a form of plastic that doesn’t deteriorate like, for example, a tissue might do. This is woven together with cotton, but as a whole means wipes remain together in waterways for a long time.


Aquas are different. They are game-changing water wipes, that really are flushable, biodegradable and made of 99% water. Our packaging design not only helped carry the master-brand, translated into several languages, but kept an elegant simplicity - reflecting the product USP.


We were also tasked with bringing the fun back into potty training for the master-brand Kandoo. As well as a Kandoo game, app and website, we created a series of branded booklets, wall charts and stickers.

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We do everything in house from beautiful design right through to print-ready artwork.

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