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A picture can tell a thousand words. With consumer attention-span shorter than ever; brand, product and content photography is more important than ever. It’s essential to make every brand touchpoint work as hard as possible, and good imagery can be a great shortcut to making people feel a certain way about your brand or product.


We have an in-house photography studio and editing team, which makes us agile and cost-effective in helping you create beautifully effective content.

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Food Photography

We were challenged with getting more pies on more plates for the UK’s leading pie brand, Pukka. We needed to create content that not only showcased the product as good quality and wholesome, but also inspired people with the range of sides you could have with a pie, and in turn opening up new meal occasions. We also shot isolated pies for use on their packaging which we also designed.

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Product Lifestyle Photography

Mentos, one of the world’s largest confectionary brands is all about making fresh connections. That means we needed to get the product at the heart of real relationships in this lifestyle photography shoot.

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Putting emotion into a functional category

Having launched ten years ago, Brush-Baby had enormous success with their baby and kids oral care range. But with 1 in 4 under 5’s visiting the dentist with preventable problems, there was still a massive awareness job to do. Our aim was to bring more emotion to what traditionally is a highly standardised market, and ultimately draw attention to something parents tend not to prioritise. Our new photography helped bring the emotion out of their products by making the end-user (super cute babies) the star of the show.


Re-inventing retirement content

Over 65’s are often poorly communicated to and stereotyped. We wanted to create a bank of aspirational, upbeat and real photography of homeowners to bring the lifestyle experience of the brand to life. This helped McCarthy & Stone move from functional property based image to an emotive proposition with a real story to tell.