Changing how people retire with McCarthy & Stone

With 71 sites, Retirement Living Plus is a huge part of the McCarthy & Stone portfolio. The ever-increasing demand on social care meant we needed to position McCarthy & Stone’s more care orientated product, Retirement Living Plus, as a credible alternative to care homes, whilst maintaining the brand’s aspirational credibility.

Our work for McCarthy spans across digital, print and outdoor media 🎨

In its simplest form, RLP represents retirement living but with flexible levels of 24/7 care on site. Our two-tiered strategy of ‘Independence PLUS support’, balanced the aspiration of owning your own home whilst educating our audience on the discreet support available. The product vision to help homeowners live retirement to the full - stretched across a detailed customer journey, and throughout marketing collateral. This meant we turned a previously rational based proposition into an emotionally led story; less stress, more enjoyment, less loneliness, more fun, and a helping hand when you need it.

Our creative accentuated the word PLUS, and in turn, this became the vehicle for delivering a more visually intimate and personalised comms strategy, which was distilled into a bespoke set of guidelines to ensure consistency and quality moving forward.

“This is a classic example of the advantage we have as an agency to be able to step away from the immersive world of the client's day-to-day and see the bigger picture – allowing us to strategically decipher the product into a purpose the brand can share with potential consumers”

Matt Clarke, Client Director