Embracing Change

The past few months have been like nothing we’ve ever known. Whilst we may have made changes to how we work, we’re still as effective as ever.

We’ve been determined to keep our client brand stories alive, because as we shift towards our ‘new normal’ it’ll be the brands with momentum that will recover fastest.

In fact, there has never been a better time to create change. Here are just a few of the things we’ve been up to:

- Got clients on TV to take advantage of bigger audiences 📺

- Worked on bounce-back growth strategies 📈

- Achieved record reach and engagement for our social clients 👍🏻

- Scripted, edited, recorded VO and released new content completely remotely 📱

- Gained strategic insight into the changing consumer 💡

- Had more than our fair share of virtual meetings 💻

- Designed new packaging that’ll be on shelf soon 📦

- Designed, built, tested and launched a new website 🖥

- Run successful isolation UGC competitions ⚽️

- Fine-tuned our clients e-commerce ✅

- Won ‘Brand of the Year’ for Pukka 🥧

- Featured in Campaign’s Top 100 Agencies 🏆

We’re not going to pretend it hasn’t been tough and of course budgets will be tighter than ever – but sitting and watching change happen is far more dangerous, and with far less reward than being the leaders in change.

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