Help! My brand is in a low involvement category.

Strategy in 99 seconds or so. ✏️

We’re constantly faced with brands who brief us using the term ’low involvement’ or ‘low interest’ product. Admittedly it’s hard to disagree when you’re faced with a toilet wipe or a battery.

But as strategists, that’s really throwing in the towel before you’ve even kicked off. If your product really is that un-interesting, then you shouldn’t be in business (or you won’t be for long). It’s getting under the skin of the brand – getting involved and getting interested, that earns a strategists’ keep.

This is when a little immersive ethnography can be so valuable. Spending time with people who use the product or need the product – you’ll quickly recognise the need to think in high and low interest moods.

Nobody is interested in batteries, that is until it’s Christmas day, and your little one is opening their new toy robot (batteries not included) – that’s when the ‘mood’ gets interesting.

As an agency, we bring to life that mood-state, in a way that gets noticed - adding relevance and emotion into the category through creativity. That usually takes the form of a ‘big idea’ based on an even ‘bigger thought’.

But we don’t stop there.  It’s essential to take those mood states that you’ve unearthed and map them directly to your consumer journey. When it comes to batteries, we’d look at seeding memorable brand triggers early and consistently, before tailored and intrusive ‘partnership point of sale’ with an incentive throughout.

By combining the right mood state, with the right moment; suddenly your product couldn’t be more interesting.

James Hickman, Strategy Director @ Walker

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