Condor Black Friday Brand Response Campaign...

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Black Friday is an increasingly big day for brands in the UK, and this year the stakes are higher than ever, with nearly everything channeled digitally, and the fight for consumer spend fiercer than ever.

Too big to miss out on

No travel brand could afford to miss out on such a big commercial day, meaning an offer made sense. However, the way we packaged and communicated the offer was the most important part.

Too busy to be transactional

This couldn’t afford to be a transactional or functional campaign, where we simply offered A-B transport at a lower price - we’d just be blending in with every other product offer, in every other category.

Condor Ferries is not a product but an experience.

Getting out into the middle of the ocean and breathing in the salty sea air, seeing our coastline from a different perspective and feeling like you’re truly escaping again.

It’s something your competitors can’t offer, and it’s something that is deeply ingrained in the brand.

We leveraged our most powerful and emotive asset, the sea…

Which meant we could showcase the brand’s feeling of escapism against the busy, cluttered feeling of Black Friday itself…


Display Prospecting & Re-targeting

Regional Press

Geo-targeted Facebook Ads wit Pixel Re-targeting

Channeling optimism to purchase

By keeping the campaign upbeat and optimistic, it inspired people to look forward to next year and better times, and in turn channeled the campaign to purchase - with the added reassurance of our ‘flexi-promise’ device.

The results were sparkling too