Herbalife UK Appoints Walker for Full Service Social

Walker Agency have been appointed as the lead creative agency for Herbalife UK social. The win comes off the back of several successful campaigns recently created for the brand, and kicked off back in May.

Operating in 94 countries through a network of approximately 2.3 million independent distributors, Herbalife is one of the largest nutritional supplement companies in the world, and a brand we are really excited to be working with on an ongoing basis.

Our content aims to get more people to Say Yes. Joining the millions of people around the world who already said yes to Herbalife Nutrition, their world class nutritional products and thriving community.

'We're thrilled to be working with Herbalife across their social media - it's our job to humanise the brand, and shed a light on some of the incredible stories that are in abundance in and around the brand'

- Zennen Thomas, Senior Strategic Account Manager

Here's a sneak peak at some of the content we've ben producing across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok! 👀