Shooting Herbalife Content in Lockdown 2.0...

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The show must go on 🎤

We’ve been shooting more Herbalife content this week for an exciting (and top secret) new product and campaign.

We’re all working doubly hard to make sure this is done safely, and adhering to the latest guidelines - but it sure does feel great to be looking forward and planning exciting projects 🙏

Advertising spend across the UK media fell by more than £1bn year on year during the coronavirus lockdown, according to figures that reveal the government has become the UK’s biggest advertiser during the pandemic.

UK advertising spend on traditional media – TV, newspapers and magazines, radio and cinema as well as on poster sites and billboards across the country – halved from the start of lockdown.

Yet for some brand's the change in consumer behaviour has seen huge success, and those brands that have been brave enough to carry on spending have been reaping the rewards!

We're continuing to create engaging and relevant content for lots of brands, and here's to looking ahead to brighter times!