Veganuary never tasted so good!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Last month we helped Pukka to encourage people to dip their toe into vegan meals throughout January.

Bringing to life the range, promoting Vegan Pukka being available in local chip shops, and celebrating Veganuary in partnership with McCain Foods to bring the nation fuss-free vegan pie & chips!

Changing the definition of 'going vegan'

Google Search trends suggest we may have reached ‘peak veganism’, but what we are seeing is a huge surge in product and brand searches where consumers are seeking better choices through ‘vegan products’ and ‘vegan brands’ – the majority may not be prepared to go completely vegan, but it can be a hugely important brand asset in commoditised or over-saturated markets; as people look for shortcuts to purchase decisions.

Consumer’s views on being vegan have changed from lifestyle niche to lifestyle tweak.

Making vegan as accessible as possible is key, which is why our fuss-free message works so perfectly for McCain and Pukka, and with both brands successfully owning a ‘for the people’ narrative, it makes their brand partnership so strong.

We’re seeing the rising importance of brands addressing ‘product scrutinising’ across our client portfolio – and not just in food.

Brand Content Strategy

Our content strategies for Herbalife Nutrition, Brush-baby toothpaste, Beroni pasta, UltraDEX mouthwash, Mentos Gum and Smint all look to help consumers find the right products for them by targeting key diet interests outside of ‘brand echo chambers’.

Whether it’s your entire brand product range or just one option, communicating vegan effectively and most importantly with the right narrative can help penetrate big new audiences, but also protect core audience heartlands by being socially responsible and understanding your own changing customer landscape.