Video Content Creation for the Latest Herbalife Product Launch

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

We’ve been producing creative assets for Herbalife across Europe, Middle East and Africa for over a year, and now it's time to kick back off after lockdown!

It has been a busy but successful couple of weeks shooting and editing video content for an exciting new product launch for Herbalife.

The video content was shot across several locations, uses a diverse range of different people to represent key target markets. Our content strategy is looking to create new occasions where the product can be the hero by tapping into real moments in an authentic and ownable way.

The first port of call in any content strategy is to define a brand purpose that is greater than the functional role of the product and be something borne from truth and something we can credibly deliver against. The purpose must be consumer centric and clearly articulate who and what we exist for – it also acts as a ‘North Star’ for guiding all brand communication. The values and personality must clearly bring our purpose to life – they are the foundations for all content creation. For Herbalife, the key is unlocking people's determination for a healthier lifestyle.

Our content needs to bring this to life in a way that feels both aspirational and inspirational - but also achievable. So, watch this space for the latest video content, and for the big product reveal!