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Our latest TV campaign and integrated content strategy tackles death head-on, by using a relatable and popular brand ambassador in Debbie McGee.

Changing Behaviour

The integrated TV campaign aims to get people talking openly about funerals, because once they do, they’ll recognise how important it is to them and their family - especially when it comes to paying for it.


However, that requires changing the conversation to something people can relate to.


Strategically, we went back to basics - talking to 'consumers' as people, and thinking about the simple emotion of death and what it means to the most important people - your family. The trouble is, unlike many cultures, we simply don't talk about death.


That makes it difficult to gain credibility as a brand in the conversation. So, rather than talking ‘at’ consumers about funerals in our content, we opened a conversation, and made it personal...


Debbie McGee is not only a recognisable figure in her own right, but she is synonymous with her husband, Paul Daniels who sadly passed away. This made her the perfect brand ambassador for Promis Life. We are attaching passions, memories and emotive moments to the conversation, all built around the credibility of a real situation, and a real family - immediately heightening the integrity in the TV and across every brand content touch-point.