Joy-scrolling With Our Mentos social

Doom-scrolling is a new term for reading a long stream of disheartening headlines on social.  The very function of a brand is to offer guidance, convey an expectation of quality and offer solutions - the difference here is that those solutions need to be packaged in a more exciting and engaging way than ever.​Our Mentos social aims to grab people's attention and associate pick-me-up content with the pick-me-up feeling of the Mentos products.

For the Mentos brand this is a great and cost-effective way of being ‘always on’, and with their integrated strategy, they can drive consumer impulse, and ultimately purchase.

From Facebook and Insta to TikTok, and B2B LinkedIn - we have a proven track-record of not only engaging and reaching big audiences with great content - but generating ROI with commerce at the heart of the strategy.  Whether it’s a big brand looking to penetrate new audiences, or a start-up looking to get noticed, we have the expertise to get results.

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