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Walker is an independent full-service creative agency full of smart people creating brilliantly effective work. No pitch teams, no shiny gimmicks, no false promises. We are who we say we are - a team of thinkers, doers and makers embedded in a positive work culture, producing bold ideas backed by solid insight.

Our size means we out-big the smalls and out-small the bigs with top talent, experience, and resources, but small agency agility, speed, and overheads.

Oh, and we’re just 2 minutes’ walk from the beach, with a sea view and a few office dogs – there’s a great excuse for clients to just, you know, hang out.

Meet our team

Adam Hoskin
Amanda Walker
Account Manager
Andrew Clein
Graphic Designer
Clare Coleman
Emma Torok
Account Manager
James Hickman
Strategy Director
James Phillips
Graphic Designer
Jude Henson
Lead Content Creator
Kerry McKnight
Leo Walker
Junior Strategist
Martin Nachev
Martin Walker
Matt Clarke
Managing Director
Nicole Day
Senior Digital Designer
Paula Barclay
Operations Director
Peter Field
Art Director
Robert Pearce
Junior Creative
Robin Upshon
Creative Director
Salomé Despicht
Account Manager
Sam Kiy
Account Manager
Sofia Stromina
Account Manager
Sophie Keeling
Account Manager
Steve Collins
Finance Director
Zennen Thomas
Client Services Director
Team photo

We find your purpose

Using a wealth of resources and insight, our strategists will find the sweet spot between what you want to say, and what your customers are actually interested in hearing.

We have access to a wealth of resources, from market effectiveness case studies and category trends to the latest market insight data. We undertake detailed competitor reviews including mystery shops, campaign reviews and positioning analysis.

We offer in-depth social listening and build detailed consumer personas, as well as hosting branding workshops and undertaking our own focus groups, surveys and ethnography.

Creative studio, camera on a wall art
Team creative

We create your big idea

That means developing a creative messaging vehicle that will encompass everything you do - something that can’t be ignored and won’t be forgotten. In a sea of sameness, words are your way to be unforgettable.

We will tell your brand story through a cohesive narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions that your brand evokes. Sometimes this can be done in a headline or even just a few words, but it’s always your route to forging a deeper emotional connection.

We change consumer behaviour

Content built from insight and creativity is your biggest catalyst for change. By creating standout content we can help build mental and physical availability and influence the masses one by one.

This isn’t just about making things look pretty (although that helps), this is about constantly reminding people that you exist in the most engaging and distinctive way possible.

We have in-house illustrators, branding experts, copywriters, art directors, photographers (complete with photo studio), digital designers, art-workers, animators and video editors to make your brand sing.

James Hickman
Walker agency office

We get results

Our in-depth knowledge of campaign planning and media will ensure effectiveness and ROI is maximised, and we’ll measure everything against a sound set of objectives and brand tracking metrics.

Using customer segmentation, media analysis and media targeting tools, we’ll help find exactly who to talk to, when to talk to them and how to reach them and then partner with brand tracking platforms to measure success.

Oh, and we tend to win a few awards along the way too.

Let's get growing.
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