Unlocking Your 'Brand Innovation Strategy'

James, our Strategy Director has been exploring the power of trends in helping brands strive for innovation in their strategy, with final year Advertising students at Bournemouth University.

The guest lecture spot is part of our creative and strategic partnership with both of Bournemouth's world-leading universities, and focused on the ever-increasing need for brands to be on trend tactically, strategically and creatively.

The power of trends in brand relevance

The key to success in innovative thinking is finding the perfect balance between consumer behaviour, the critical mass of a new trend and the viability to the brand.

From the second we wake up, we’re deluged with content digitally, and then stepping out of the front door this momentum builds and builds throughout the day - causing information fatigue. Trends can unlock greater brand relevance by translating this information into a consumer solution - appealing to fast-thinking (auto-pilot consumer behaviour) to make lives easier (or if we’re really lucky, better).

We've identified 6 key considerations to make sure your brand gets it right!

1. Follow the trail of frustration

The biggest and best trends to 'hijack' are the ones born out of annoyance. From Monzo thriving off the slow cumbersome UX of the bigger banks, to Netflix launching off the back of people being annoyed they have to wait a week to watch a new episode of their favourite show - consumer anger is rich territory!

2. The power of creativity

Using creative thinking to unlock the perfect excuse for a conversation with consumers - from baked beans on Weetabix right through to the very idea of a Tracheostomy, creativity can be found in unusual places!

3. Finding your emotive hook

From going beyond product function, to exploring the role of semiotics in your branding - emotive content with brand context is key to standing out.

4. Don't force it

Your brand can't join every conversation! There are great ways to overcome key engagement barriers with brand shortcuts (e.g. influencer marketing), but it's important to understand critical mass vs. dangerous territory.

5. Step out of advertising

Statistically, working in advertising you’re younger, better educated, and will earn more. You will lead a busier life, work longer hours and watch less TV. NEVER assume your audience thinks like you, or shares any of your interests.

6. Stop listening to customers?!

Consumers don't think how they feel. They don't say what they think and they don't do what they say. Sometimes with brand thinking, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

You can see the presentation in full here

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