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Branding is your most powerful tool. It's a chance to create change in perceptions and ultimately drive change in consumer behaviour. Get it right and you will reap the rewards of a loyal customer base, who default to your brand because of positive associations ingrained in consumer’s hearts and minds.


Naturally, the task of undertaking a complete brand overhaul is daunting for any business no matter the size. After all, rebranding is about much more than just updating your logo or choosing new colours. With careful strategic planning, and beautifully crafted creative, we can make sure your re-brand translates directly into selling more product, whatever your budget and objectives.

How could your brand change, to create change?

Refreshing a Brand to Increase Market Share

The nation’s favourite pie brand was in need of a brand refresh and new campaign creative, ahead of their biggest ever marketing campaign. We were tasked with spearheading all creative and strategic communications for Pukka, with the goal of putting more pies on more plates, for more people.

The People's Pie was born, a multi-channel creative campaign that champions real people and the ways they enjoy Pukka Pies up and down the country.  From the new website, brand guidelines, strategic comms, digital and outdoor creative, and of course a new TV ad, we made all of the creative with two things in mind, 'be for the people' and 'be more orange'.

The Change

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A Massively Successful Brand Launch

 FLM was a guarantor loan company which built its business selling through introducers, and had no brand appeal. In order for FLM to grow they needed a name and personality that set them apart. 


We created the Amigo brand to do just that. Not only did it reflect the friendship at the heart of every loan, it also created a more optimistic personality that would be a breath of fresh air for consumers. Since then Amigo Loans has gone from strength to strength. Go Amigo!

The Change

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A Lifestyle Led Re-brand

With the arrival of a brand new £50m ship, it was the perfect time to introduce a whole new direction and look for Condor Ferries, who we have worked with for over 25years. Our 'Good Times' concept and our new branding has been rolled out across all of their marketing material with great success – from ship liveries and print material, through to TV creative and website design/development.


This re-brand was all about repositioning Condor from a functional ferry operator to a lifestyle brand and to elevate the experience of sea travel to the Channel Islands.

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From an updated logo to new packaging, brand positioning, website, brand guidelines and integrated campaign - whatever your brand needs, we’ll have a solution.

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The Change

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