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Campaigns built from insight & creativity

You won’t find it in board meetings or buried in spreadsheets. It doesn’t come from copy and paste content, or peering over your shoulder at the competitors. Yes, it comes from sure thinking, but most importantly in the freedom of imagination and its ability to deliver the unexpected – creating ideas that will take your brand somewhere new.

Whether you’re looking to build long term brand salience to grow your brand, or a quick tactical burst to make the most of strategic opportunities- broadcast media is still the most effective way to do it quickly, and because of the wide range of targeting options now available, does not have to cost the earth. By identifying your target, and focusing on a big idea, TV, VoD, Outdoor or radio results can be truly remarkable.

We've created award-winning campaigns for Pukka, Mentos and P&O Cruises to name a few, helped get Vanarama, Amigo Loans and Hobbycraft on the map and even created our own econometric model to measure campaign effectiveness. We’ve worked with small budgets and big ones too - no matter what the job, we don’t just win the awards, we ensure ROI is at the heart of everything we do.

Turbocharge growth

The Fish4Dogs consumer heartland was small independent pet shops who understood their story - but of course with the decline of the high-street they were struggling. The major pet stores weren’t interested, and people were not going direct because fish is for cats, right? We had to change the company mindset to believe in fish.

Of course success relied on convincing consumers to believe in fish too. Our ‘Switch to Fish’ campaign was born. If dog owners who see their dog as an extension of the family could relate their diet (and how they feel after eating too much meat / the benefits felt with fish), to that of their dogs - we’d be onto a winner! Our TV, social, micro-influencer, branding and press campaign humanised dogs everywhere and their desire for fish!

• Won distribution in Pets at Home

• Campaign ROI of over £10

• Increase in brand awareness and social metrics

• Record commercial value and sales

• Increase in brand market share by OVER 8%

"We put effectiveness at the heart of eveything we do. With clever campaign planning, we can tightly target specific audiences and connect with them on a personalised and emotive level. We can also test consumer types in a small region without stretching your budget, and if successful, we can carefully broaden the reach. ROI can be carefully measured alongside brand metric tracking too."
James Hickman, Strategy Director at Walker

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