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From creating the original Amigo Loans, WeBuyAnyCar and Hobbycraft brands to giving fresh looks to countless established brands - we’ve got a proven track record in building brand identities for the long-term, by making sure every touchpoint is timeless, stands out and adds real value. 

Branding is your most powerful tool. It's a chance to create change in perceptions and ultimately drive change in consumer behaviour. Get it right and you will reap the rewards of a loyal customer base, who default to your brand because of positive associations ingrained in consumer’s hearts and minds.

Naturally, the task of undertaking a complete brand overhaul is daunting for any business no matter the size. After all, rebranding is about much more than just updating your logo or choosing new colours. With careful strategic planning, and beautifully crafted creative, we can make sure your re-brand translates directly into selling more product, whatever your budget and objectives.

Our award-winning and commercially successful rebrand for Pukka helped unlock more occasions, more moments and more people the brand could resonate with.  From match day belly-warmers, to al fresco date nights. Covered in ketchup, soaked in gravy or served with mushy peas - we wanted  to celebrate Pukka being for everyone, any way they liked. We rebranded Pukka as ‘The People’s Pie’.

From the new look and feel, brand guidelines, packaging, strategic comms, website, shopper marketing, brand partnership strategy, full service social, outdoor creative, and new TV ads, we made all of the new look creative with two things in mind, 'be for the people' and be a ‘beacon of orange optimism’.

The results have been staggering too, with record sales and distribution, multiple rewards an increase in unprompted awareness and a positive shift in all of our key branding metrics.

We were challenged with refreshing the identity of global dating app #Dating.

If you thought standing out in the world of romance and dating is hard, being the go-to dating app is even harder. We knew we needed to be both smart and distinctive. We undertook research, social listening and market analysis to find the sweet spot for the #Dating brand story. This effected UX, tone of voice and of course informed our fun, feminine and distinctive look and feel which we rolled out across every brand touchpoint.

We always produce a comprehensive set of strategic brand guidelines. This isn’t just about colours or fonts, this is about how you behave, who you talk to, how you talk to them and routes to success.  

-      What your brand stands for and what’s your purpose

-      Logo lockups, taglines, colours, typography guides

-      What to avoid when applying the brand

-      Tone of voice + Brand personality

-      Photography / Imagery style guide

-      Our target audience (detailed portraits)

-      Consumer journey (relevant moments/ touchpoints)

-      Advertising / social / POS /Shopper examples

-      Media Strategy Analysis

Walker is built of a close team of talented people with a wide breadth of branding experience and a collaborative can-do approach to transforming our brand. They're a pleasure to work with, delivering results, and making it enjoyable on the way- a great extension to our team!

Rachel Cranston, Head Of Marketing at Pukka Pies

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