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Redefining the role of a mint in a saturated market


Smint is in the cluttered mint market, where every brand seems to focus on fresh breath confidence - we needed a new positioning and social strategy to stand out from the crowd.

Social engagement
In Market Share
& distinctive brand positioning

Our Solution

Through market research, social listening and ongoing consumer surveys, we identified a new opportunity in the mint market. With females being the predominant mint buyer, and life being far more complex than confidence and exuberance, our insight led us towards a wellbeing and mindfulness route, where mints can be used as a ‘the downtime moment before the moment’, leading to a softer and calmer tone of voice.

Visual Identity

Our new ‘aaand breathe’ positioning is distinctive, and with the brand strategy and guidelines we have created a consistent and standout visual identity and messaging strategy which the brand can use for years to come.

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