It goes without saying your digital and e-commerce strategy should be fundamental to your brand growth plans. With more and more people online, and purchase habits shifting with the new normal - now is the time to get everything up to scratch. There are many opportunities to ‘up’ your digital game, and so many key points in every consumer journey to implement them.


Broadcast social and video content, alongside display prospecting, SEO and PPC can generate demand. Dynamic re-targeting, social ads, CRM and bespoke landing pages can fuel demand harvesting. A great website or e-commerce platform will increase conversion. Finally PR content, influencer campaigns and social engagement strategies will cement brand advocacy. We do it all in-house, and we're pretty good at it too.


So, see how you could ‘up’ your brand’s digital game.

Video content to drive brand engagement

The nation’s favourite pie brand were in need of a brand refresh and campaign creative ahead of their biggest ever marketing campaign. We were tasked with spearheading all creative and strategic communications for Pukka, with the goal to put more pies on more plates, for more people, up and down the country.


Red Bull, the world’s leading energy drink manufacturer, is fast becoming synonymous with sporting events and icons across the globe. They wanted a digital partner to help promote two of their upcoming events - Neymar Jr’s Fives and Neptune Steps – using online video display as a way of driving interest. So we created bespoke HTML5 placements that streamed directly from YouTube, designed to bring the creative to life and most importantly…to get people involved!

The Change

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Building a digital movement for good

We were challenged by GP batteries, with educating the outdoor industry and consumers of the importance of recycling batteries, and the environmental and cost benefits of switching to rechargeables - which can be re-charged up to 1500 times! 


Our dedicated micro-site and social pledge campaign, supported by sequential social creative to draw people in, not only got people listening, but taking action. The case study shows how a carefully planned digital ecosystem can ultimately drive a change in consumer behaviour.

The Change

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Digital built around e-commerce

Having launched ten years ago, Brush-Baby had enormous success with their baby and kids oral care range. But with 1 in 4 under 5’s visiting the dentist with preventable problems, there was still a massive awareness job to do. By transforming their communication from rational based messaging to a far more engaging emotional journey, we got parents onboard, and by putting fun into the process, we hooked kids in too.


‘With you every smile of the way’ became our brand purpose, as we took our audience on a journey from gum care right through to grown-up teeth. Our carefully segmented social and digital campaign helped engage mums, dads and grandparents using influencers, great content and a new website. The key was integrating with Boots to keep the commercial strategy at the heart of everything we did, alongside social e-commerce, Amazon brand pages and the Brush-Baby website, everything channeled to purchase.

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Brush-baby Instagram Social Media Marketing
Brush-baby Instagram Social Media Marketing
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Our award-winning creative talent is integral to every digital project. That means, not only will it all work seamlessly, but it will look the part too.

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