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Digital with purpose

It goes without saying your digital and e-commerce strategy should be fundamental to your brand growth plans, but too often it doesn't fit under a top-lev strategy and set of brand objectives. With more and more content, and purchase habits shifting with the new normal - now is the time to get everything up to scratch. There are many opportunities to ‘up’ your digital game, and so many key points in every consumer journey to implement them.

Broadcast social and video content, alongside display prospecting, SEO and PPC can generate demand. Dynamic re-targeting, social ads, CRM and bespoke landing pages can fuel demand harvesting. A great website or e-commerce platform will increase conversion. Finally PR content, influencer campaigns and social engagement strategies will cement brand advocacy. We do it all in-house from design to build, and we're pretty good at it too.

Conversion focused digital strategy

Having launched ten years ago, Brush-Baby had enormous success with their baby and kids oral care range. But with 1 in 4 under 5’s visiting the dentist with preventable problems, there was still a massive awareness job to do. By transforming their communication from rational based messaging to a far more engaging emotional journey, we got parents onboard, and by putting fun into the process, we hooked kids in too.

‘With you every smile of the way’ became our brand purpose, as we took our audience on a journey from gum care right through to grown-up teeth. Our carefully segmented social and digital campaign helped engage mums, dads and grandparents using influencers, great content and a new website. The key was integrating with Boots to keep the commercial strategy at the heart of everything we did, alongside social e-commerce, Amazon brand pages and the Brush-Baby website, everything channeled to purchase.

• Increased Distribution and Awareness

• Huge Increase in Social Reach and Engagement

• Long-term Content Strategy and Asset Bank

Brush baby

Social-first brand building

Not only did we create Sweet Freedom's packaging but we were challenged to grow sales and awareness as well as getting the brand stocked in a major UK supermarket. We focused on a new brand positioning, brought it life to life with a slick new website, award-winning social, digital shopper marketing and brand partnerships.

All PR is good PR… we caused a stir by taking on the big boys and their use of sugar or with our chocolate spread, questioning Nutella on their use of palm oil. Alongside this confident brand voice, we encouraged fans to demand distribution by mapping out the exact UGC, hashtags, daily trends, partnerships and influencers required to gain maximum attention from both new potential customers and the supermarkets themselves.

It worked! Reminiscent of the 1840’s California Gold rush - people were travelling hundreds of miles frantically hunting for a product in short supply, and we were inundated with consumers wanting to know where they could get hold of the product –  by tagging supermarkets in on the action we became a brand they couldn’t ignore. And they didn’t, we gained distribution in 8 major supermarkets in 9 months!!

• UK Agency Awards Gold

• Distribution in 8 Major Supermarkets

• 21% Increase in Market Share

• 11% Value Share Growth

Our recent web builds include Westcotts, Sonlevo, Ceuta Group, Breathe Right and Sandbanks. We provide maintenance support for sites such as Condor Ferries and Pukka Pies. And we run full service social for Mentos, Smint, Airheads, Breathe Right amongst many others. As a full service agency we integrate digital across every single touchpoint so we can make sure it works seamlessly as a brand ecosystem.
Paula Barclay, Digital Director at Walker

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