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We’ve given women the confidence to talk about their intimate health with Vagisil, transformed kids dental hygiene with Brush-Baby with our social and influencer work, and spearheaded Dentyl and Ultradex’s industry leading social. Throw in an environmental campaign for rechargeable GP batteries, making potty training fun with Kandoo, and getting dog food owners to switch to fish with an integrated campaign - we’ve done it all.


From designing and creating a UK website and game app to fun and informative training booklets and reward charts, we hope to assist Kandoo in bringing their brand back on every shelf, and to bring an element of fun and reward back into toilet training.


We also rolled the Kandoo app, game, website and packaging out across France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, UAE, Malta and the USA.​




Data and our research showed the rise in humanisation of dogs. We were also in the midst of a healthy eating boom for people. We needed to marry the two. If dog owners who see their dog as an extension of the family could relate their diet (and how they feel after eating too much meat / the benefits felt with fish), to that of their dogs - Fish4Dogs would be onto a real winner!


Our TV, social, micro-influencer, branding and press campaign humanised dogs everywhere and their desire for fish! The campaigns created a remarkable spike in sales AND won Fish4Dogs distribution in Pets at Home!!



Having launched ten years ago, Brush-Baby had enormous success with their baby and kids oral care range. But with 1 in 4 under 5’s visiting the dentist with preventable problems, there was still a massive awareness job to do.

Our aim was to bring more emotion to what traditionally is a highly standardised market, and ultimately draw attention to something parents tend not to prioritise. By transforming their communication from rational based messaging to a far more engaging emotional journey, we got parents onboard, and by putting fun into the process, we hooked kids in too

Brush Baby
GP Batteries website

GP Batteries​


We spearheaded GP batteries drive in educating consumers of the importance of recycling batteries, and the environmental and cost benefits of switching to rechargeables - which can be re-charged up to 1500 times!

By packaging rechargeable batteries under a reduce, reuse and recycle narrative, we could develop a beautifully simple device and social pledge of ‘Reduce your footprint on the world’.​


If you’ve got a split-second to stop people’s thumbs… go bold!  Our highly effective Dentyl social and digital content is looking to brighten up people’s feeds and stick in people’s heads to drive that all important impulsive nudge at point of purchase. 

Dentyl social media

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