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Building brands

Successful brand building is about finding the sweet spot between what you want to say, and what people are actually interested in. From mapping consumer journey’s and campaigns to understanding your brand’s growth strategy - solid strategic thinking is fundamental to the success of tactical campaigns right through to long-term brand health. The aim of this process is to clearly answer the following fundamental questions:

What is your brand’s emotive connection with consumers?
What moments and occasions can we be relevant in?
What are your brand semiotic opportunities?
Who exactly are we talking to and what are we saying?
How do we reach these people?
What new space can we own?
What are your growth opportunities?

Our process

Insight deep dive | We have access to a broad range of intelligence, data sources, effectiveness case studies, industry insight, market trends as well as the latest Mintel Market Reports and distil this into key opportunities and learnings.

Competitor Analysis | We undertake a detailed analysis of your competitors (direct and indirect) by assessing their market spend, media mix, messaging, campaigns, market positioning, marketing spend, SWOT and potential future direction. This is then contextualised by a ‘Mystery Shop’ across the e-commerce and/or retail space.

Social listening | It’s fundamental to make sure brand pulse is in line with what people are thinking right now. We assess consumer mindsets towards your brand and the wider market as a whole, though broad social listening across Twitter and Meta. This includes Sentiment Tracking, Key Content Themes and Mindset mapping.

Primary Research | We can run focus groups, online surveys (Attest) or explore WhatsApp Ethnography (live shopper feedback) to better understand the attitudes consumers have towards your product and market.

Workshop | We host a working session to explore and interrogate the brand vision, purpose and personality. This is about collaboratively exploring brand archetype options, creative opportunities and strategic positioning territories as well as analysing market and brand opportunities, partnerships and growth strategies.

Customer Segmentation | By using Acorn, a powerful consumer classification tool that segments the UK population, we can paint a very detailed portrait of who your customers are, where we can find them and the sort of lifestyle they lead.

Media Analysis | We identify media consumption, brand preference and shopping habit - this will create a perfect strategy for understanding, how, when and where to speak to your audience, including media recommendations.

Results driven

The People's Pie for Pukka was a strategy borne out of this very research process, culminating in a confident multi-channel creative campaign that champions real people and how they enjoy Pukka up and down the country.  

From identifying the moments we could build brand relevance in, our biggest audience opportunities, right through to the tone of voice we knew would resonate with, gave us the best possible platform to succeed.

• Grocer Brand of the Year 2020

• 12% YoY Value Growth (2018 -2021)

• 6% Increase in Market Share

• 95% Prompted Awareness

• Increase in All Kantar Brand Tracking Metrics.

Our strategic process with Walker was an extremely rewarding experience that encouraged reflection, focus and delivered chunky data-backed revelations! The workshops were a hearty dollop of interactive fun whilst reaching key conclusions for the brand direction.
Andrew newlands, founder at Monty Bojangles

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