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Successful branding is about connecting good solid thinking with great, imaginative creative ideas. From mapping consumer journey’s and campaigns to understanding your brand’s growth strategy - solid strategic thinking is fundamental to the success of tactical campaigns right through to long-term brand health. We thrive of turning problems into solutions, giving brands a new lease of life and ultimately changing consumer behaviour.


So, see how great strategy can change a brand’s fortunes.

Subverting over 50’s messaging

Early on we made the strategic decision to move the McCarthy & Stone brand away from functional property selling, to a lifestyle-led brand. However, in order to execute this effectively we needed to understand our target audience. Research groups, ethnography and competitor analysis showed us that for too long this audience has been stereotyped and poorly communicated to. How could we do things differently?


Our key insight was that encouraging a lifestyle change didn’t rely on age or circumstance - but mindset. It was down to us to change perceptions of the product by subverting negative associations to portray an aspirational lifestyle

The Change


Strategically targeting by consumer mindset not rigid demographics

Changing the way people see their health 

For nearly 140 years, Simplyhealth had been making healthcare accessible and affordable. However, despite the breadth of their offering, the brand found that large numbers of customers and prospects didn’t understand the product and weren't actually using it as they could be.


Strategically we realised we needed to break consumer behaviour - rather than fixing health problems, why not prevent them? Every product benefit from physiotherapy and chiropody right through to optical and dental treatments were brought to life with its own little niggle. We created a fully integrated campaign ecosystem to get consumers to think about their niggles, and encourage them to get the treatment they need before it gets worse. 

The Change


Changing behaviour strategically by focusing on prevention not cure

Creating a shift in behaviour

Data and our research showed a rise in the humanisation of dogs. We were also in the midst of a healthy eating boom for humans. We needed to marry the two. If dog owners, who see their dog as an extension of the family, could relate their diet (the benefits felt with fish), to that of their dogs - we’d be onto a winner!


Our strategic and integrated approach to advertising meant that ‘Switch To Fish’ was rolled out across TV, social, micro-influencer, branding and trade press campaigns.

The Change


Get dog owners to relate their own healthy diet to their dog’s’

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