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A Standout Campaign - Mentos

Turbocharging Brand Awareness

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The 360 ATL campaign for Mentos Pure Fresh Gum and the new positioning 'Yes to Fresh' was fully integrated.

- 2x TV commercials, seen across VOD, YouTube, Online and Social
- Experiential and Sampling
- National Outdoor Campaign
- Created bespoke Amazon brand store page
- Created custom full-screen experiences for Amazon Fire Tablets
- Display ads for Amazon Network
- Display ads for Buzzfeed

The creative not only looks to dominate confectionary mental availability but also links to digital purchase too with display and a brand Amazon journey. This helps us be agile by targeting those on the move and those working from home.

Our experiential and immersive sampling campaign at Barcode Festival included tropical scent machines, full sampling teams, tropical plants and a giant sweeper challenge!

The challenges was to create an immersive experience that not only brought to life 'Yes to Fresh' but also the escapism of chewing their tropical and cherry flavoured gum.

Our digital campaign display focuses on content with an indulgence theme, where people are already saying 'Yes to Fresh' in order to reach people looking for an element of escapism themselves. The aim is to intrinsically link the content to the indulgent chew of Pure Fresh Gum.

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As well as bringing to life nationwide campaigns, we also run the Mentos UK social sites. Managing content for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

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